George Shinas Heraldry

George Shinas is a distinguished Heraldic Researcher and author, expertizing on Armory. He has been a heraldic artist, calligrapher and illuminator for the last twenty years. He is specialized in the design and creation of Heraldic Insignia and Diplomas for Noble Houses, Chivalric Orders and other civilian and ecclesiastical Organizations.

He has assisted into the creation of their Coats-Armour, Dynastic Houses of Aragon, Cordoba and other illustrious armigers around the world (gallery).

His work is hand made following the traditional methods, but can still provide digital assistance and processing if asked. He works mainly with gouache colors, on various materials.
He is an armiger of the Junta of Castilla- Leon (Spain) and Herald to the Dynastic House of Guadamillas and Cortés. He has received the following awards on his artistic work:

  • Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown of Pakualaman, Indonesia (2020)
  • Caballero de Merito “La Noble Compania de Bernardo de Galvez”- Catholic University of New Spain, Miami, Florida (2019)
  • Gold Medal of Merit, Hereditary Commandery of Castle Sighartstein, MHOSLJ Austria (2018)
  • Ranked as Herold to the House of Guadamillas and Cortés (Spain), decorated with the Dynastic Order (2018)
  • Grand Officer in the Royal Order of the Lion of Godenu, Ghana (2016)
  • Third Class Medal of Merit, Hellenic Grand Priory MHOSLJ (2012)
  • Star of the Brotherhood of Saint Theodore, founded by the Metropolitan of Ephesus (Greek Orthodox Church) Chrysostomus Konstandinides (2011).

He is also a member of the Hellenic Heraldic and Genealogical Society and also of the White Lion and Heraldry Societies.
Within his work is made evident, his capability to conform to various needs and artistic styles. He has the reputation of conforming easily to demanding situations, when results are demanded.
He is happy that can create in a way that the value of the armiger is made evident, contributing to the positive feedback that every illustrious individual deserves.